19.-22. RUJNA 2024.

About HR weekend

The HR.Weekend festival is designed for all professionals, human resource managers, and employers, as well as anyone interested in the development and application of innovative strategies in human resource management. In its inaugural edition, HR.Weekend gathered more than five hundred HR professionals and enthusiasts. It will be held again from September 19 to 22 in Rovinj, continuing to build a unique regional platform for modern HR through learning, growth, and networking.

The first edition of HR.Weekend was marked by interesting lectures and panels that covered topics from recruitment and selection, discussions about underperformers which are rarely talked about, to an intriguing debate between clinical and organizational psychology on the topic of the dark triad in companies.


The audience was particularly impressed by neuroscientist and Professor Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis with his fascinating lecture “It’s not you, it’s your brain”, where he explained how neuroscience views changes and how our brain manages them. Another lecture that drew significant attention was by Prof. Dr. Sc. Nataša Jokić Begić on generational differences in the way we take care of ourselves, what was important to previous generations, and what is important to today’s generations.

The second edition of HR.Weekend will once again captivate attendees with a rich program and interesting speakers, addressing some of the most important HR topics today, from People Analytics and Employer Branding to people development and coaching. However, what sets HR.Weekend apart from other conferences on the same subject is the unique environment of the Weekend Media Festival and the opportunity for discussions and networking with other industries and sectors.

The Weekend Media Festival has been the largest and most significant media, business, and communication festival in the region for 16 years, bringing together business, marketing, media, digital, IT, and technology experts from all over the world in beautiful Rovinj. Weekend gathers attendees in a relaxed atmosphere while simultaneously serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, learning about trends and innovations, and networking with professionals from various fields.

Thus, HR.Weekend has become a festival where everyone can find something for themselves, focusing on modern and progressive HR solutions, from which each participant will leave with new knowledge and connections. The second HR.Weekend will be held in the space of the Old Tobacco Factory in Rovinj, as part of Weekend.17, giving it an additional dimension of music, entertainment, and socializing, both with colleagues from the field and with other industries. All visitors to HR.Weekend can also participate in the Weekend Media Festival program, offering a unique opportunity for all its attendees to network, learn, and be inspired.