RUJAN 2024.


Bojana Milošević

15 years of experience in the field of human resources, across various industries (Retail, FMCG, Pharma, Public Sector). A strategic view on all business spheres, providing comprehensive support in human resources, coupled with extensive operational knowledge in all aspects – recruitment, selection, personnel administration, payroll, education and employee development, talent management, planning and budgeting, compensation […]

Anja Godec

I have over 13 years of work experience in the IT sector and the last 5 years in the field of digitizing HR processes. I have also worked as a consultant for the implementation of HR solutions in large, medium, and small Slovenian companies. For the past year, I have been employed as a sales […]

Hrvoje Bušić

Hrvoje holds a master’s degree in aeronautics – pilot. He obtained his flight instructor qualification at the Military Academy of the Croatian Air Force in 2000. After a career as a military pilot, he found a job at Croatia Airlines, the Croatian national air carrier, where he rose to the rank of captain, flight instructor, […]

Tomislav Anadolac

Tomislav has been in the entrepreneurial field since 2013 and is currently in the role of co-owner and CEO of the distillery “Duh u boci”, which also owns the strong alcoholic beverage brand “Old Pilot’s”. Before taking his first entrepreneurial steps, Tomislav built his career in large corporate systems in the financial and IT industries, […]

Michael Adamsky

Before starting his business career, Mike served as an officer on a nuclear submarine in the U.S. Navy. Believing that change starts with ourselves, he collaborates with leaders in various manufacturing industries, as well as in the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors, to help them implement positive changes. His favorite place is the edge of the […]

Jurja Adamsky

Jurja worked in leadership roles for international pharma, and as a consultant for World Health Organisation. She is an MD, focusing on behavioral sciences. As a senior HansenBeck trainer and partner, and a co-founder of a Skillsonian brand, Jurja enjoys finding ways to influence positive change. Jurja works with clients in IT, banking, engineering, […]

Jasmina Lukačević

Jasmina Lukačević, works as General Manager of SD Worx Croatia with responsibility for growth in the Adriatic region. She has more than 20 years of experience in the corporate and private sector, taking operational and strategic positions. Her expertise lies in combining IT and HR areas and developing special interest and practice of participatory leadership, […]

Michael Custers

Michael is the CMO of SD Worx, the European leader in HR & payroll solutions. Since 2019 Michael’s focus has been on helping the business scale across Europe, shaping its overall growth strategy underpinned by M&A, portfolio expansion and setting up new go-to-markets. Michael’s responsibilities also include customer experience and digital transformation. Over the last […]

Nikola Vrgović

Nikola comes from HOOLOOVOO, bringing with him a diverse range of experiences. He works closely with teams within his department—Brand Development and Talent Marketing—as well as with Human Resources, Delivery, and every other “Matori” (colleague) there. This provides him with an opportunity he genuinely values—to create and change things alongside his colleagues. Some of them […]