19.-22. RUJNA 2024.


It’s a great time to be in HR

Despite the skepticism and pessimistic views of many, the human resources sector has a promising and bright future ahead. Michael Custers, an expert in this field, will provide deeper insights into the role of technology, various HR processes, and the importance of interculturalism in the modern business environment during his lecture. He will discuss how […]

Craft Academy: Short on staff? Create your own!

Do you know which profession is in the top 3 most in-demand professions in Europe? Auto painter / Auto body repairer. The reason? There has been a huge differentiation between the perception of the craft job of a painter and body repairer and the profession itself, specifically the technology that is possible in that profession, […]

Who else but me… to build my EB story?

EB consultants, agencies, gurus – can someone from outside build your employer brand? This is the topic we will discuss with two very interesting interlocutors – Katarina, who was previously employed as an internal EB manager and now does it as an external consultant for other companies, and with Nikola, who previously worked as an […]

Not everything turned out as we wanted

There probably isn’t a person in this world, including HR professionals, for whom everything has always ended exactly as planned. The reality is that some of our projects don’t take off, some are good but happen at the wrong time, sometimes we make the wrong estimate or make the wrong decision. In other words – […]

What kind of organization will people not leave? – What does practice say?

This panel represents the other side of the coin of the previous lecture. We want to discuss best practices for ensuring job quality in Croatian organizations. Our panelists, representatives from different industries, will talk about how they have ensured low turnover rates by improving job quality in their companies. Together, we will see if science […]

What kind of organization will people not leave? – What does science say?

To facilitate organizations’ reflection on what constitutes a good job and assist in the design of a good job, our speakers have developed the SUPERB job quality model, which summarizes fifty years of psychological research on what makes a job motivating and attractive to workers. In the lecture, Prof. Zvonimir Galić, dr. sc., and Mitja […]

Re-imagining HR – ‘back to human’ in a world of Generative AI

In a continued, dramatic shift of the business and people environment, our esteemed guests from McKinsey will share the emerging priorities and operating models of HR / people functions today – shifting the focus “back to human”, playing a business-critical role in reskilling, in leadership development and in enabling new models of work, all enabled […]

The art of M&A process from the HR perspective

It is not uncommon for HR professionals to encounter the process of mergers and acquisitions – whether they are on the side of the acquiring company or the one being acquired. M&A often involves the challenges of restructuring and connecting different organizational cultures. What this looks like in practice, what are the real problems and […]

The elephant in the room – underperformers management

Everyone always wants to talk about talents and examples of good practice, but there is probably no company that does not have an underperformer among its employees. This is rarely talked about, and sometimes even reluctantly dealt with. This panel will examine what this means in practice for HR departments, how to define low performers, […]

How do trends dictate HR strategy?

There is no HR department that has not encountered the development of a strategy. However, what when we have to develop a strategy that matches the future and the upcoming trends that are often uncertain how exactly they will affect our company or market? Our panelists will share their experience in creating HR strategies that […]