19.-22. RUJNA 2024.


Let you career beGIN

With this panel, we bring an inspirational story of two friends whose hobby grew into a successful entrepreneurial venture crowned with numerous awards, all because of the courage to follow their dreams and professional ambition. Probably every employed person has once thought, “should I start something of my own”. Tomislav and Hrvoje will share with […]

Final countdown: HR i ESG

Dijana Kladar will present at the lecture what news HR can expect in terms of ESG compliance and reporting. HR departments are becoming key factors in sustainability reporting and creating an appropriate working environment. Dijana was educated on sustainability strategies at prestigious European schools. She gained practical knowledge by working with large companies. This lecture […]

HR Tech for non-tech HR

How can HR make life easier for themselves and how does technology help us with that? What are the ways to be fast, relevant, and to better understand the business? Do you want to reduce the time spent on HR administration by 55%? Come and find out how HR achieves all of this.

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Research – Tips & Tricks

In today’s business environment, we are faced with a trend of mass layoffs and job changes. The key question is: Do companies conduct employee satisfaction surveys merely as a formality, or with the aim of achieving real results? In this presentation, we will touch on challenges that organizations often encounter, including how to convince […]