RUJAN 2024.

Nikola Vrgović

Chief Business Development Officer

Nikola comes from HOOLOOVOO, bringing with him a diverse range of experiences. He works closely with teams within his department—Brand Development and Talent Marketing—as well as with Human Resources, Delivery, and every other “Matori” (colleague) there. This provides him with an opportunity he genuinely values—to create and change things alongside his colleagues. Some of them have over 20 years of experience in the field, and many come from marketing agencies.

Interestingly, Nikola never knew much about employer branding per se; he was just fortunate enough to be part of a team that made HLV known as one of the most authentic and consistent brands in the Serbian IT community. Nikola doesn’t have data to back up that title. Speaking of titles, he plays basketball. This year, HOOLOOVOO once again took the last place in the league, with 36 losses and not a single win in two seasons. They came close a couple of times, though.