RUJAN 2024.

Ivanka Novaković

Chief HR Officer
Delta Holding

Ivanka Novaković is the Human Resources Director at Delta Holding. She began her career 23 years ago in the Coca-Cola system as a pioneer in the field of human resource development in Serbia and continued as an HR Director in an international environment. She later chose to pursue a career as a consultant in the areas of organizational development, leadership development, and change management. Many domestic and international companies have entrusted her to work on employee development as a consultant, trainer, coach, and mentor. After 18 years as a consultant, she made another significant career shift at the beginning of 2022 by returning to the corporate world and taking over the leadership of the human resources sector at Delta Holding. Ivanka is educated in psychology and is a lover of art, sports, and nature. She is also the mother of three fantastic boys. Her diverse experience and expertise in both consulting and corporate roles make her a well-rounded professional, capable of understanding and addressing the complex challenges of human resource management in today’s business landscape.