21.-24.9.2023. ROVINJ
  • HR.Weekend
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Craft Academy: Short on staff? Create your own!

Do you know which profession is in the top 3 most in-demand professions in Europe? Auto painter / Auto body repairer.

The reason? There has been a huge differentiation between the perception of the craft job of a painter and body repairer and the profession itself, specifically the technology that is possible in that profession, especially the robotization of the entire process in which the profession has a true technological character, but also contains a “craft” form in a way that it can go as far as to be the authorial work of the performer.

On the other hand, the need for vehicle repair, specifically the work of body repairers and painters, is becoming a pressing issue in Europe due to climate changes that have caused an increase in vehicle damage in certain periods and areas by as much as over 40%, due to increasingly frequent hailstorms and other natural disasters.

How does Zubak Group plan to solve this problem? Find out in the lecture.


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